Most people with an interest in the esoteric or occult will have heard of The Golden Dawn, Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley, but there are many other lesser known figures, who ‘also knew’ and are worth knowing better. This website contains the results of some historical research into people who were active in the esoteric or occult world, mostly in mid to late 20th century England. The common factor is that they are not well known, but probably should be!

All I had wrought I abandoned to the faith of the faithless years.
Only I cut on the timber – only I carved on the stone:
“After me cometh a Builder. Tell him, I too have known.”

The Palace, Rudyard Kipling http://www.kiplingsociety.co.uk/poems_palace.htm

I came across most of this material during research into the roots of my own tradition, Saros, a school with roots in Kaballah, Ouspensky and  other traditions.  The research is a joint effort by a small group of friends and has been supported by a wide range of correspondents. However, the articles and information given on this website are, unless otherwise stated, prepared by me and any errors in them are mine! I welcome any feedback, particularly information by other enthusiasts on the subjects of the website.



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