Jean Hendy Harris on Ernest Page

The author Jean Hendy Harris has written an interesting memoir of Ernest Page on her blog here.

Jean met Ernest when she was a young woman living in Soho in the 1960s.  She describes his skill as an astrologer and his sensitivity to the human condition. She says:

“A number of young women like myself, suffering varying degrees of unrequited love, lined up on Friday and Saturday evenings to ask our strikingly similar questions. Ernest was consistent in his predictions for me – the man I adored did not adore me; he advised me to leave him but knew that I would not do so. He then told me precisely when I would leave, down to the very month – February 1968.”

In her book In Disgrace With Fortune: A Chronicle of HarlotryJean talks about this period in her life (although not directly about Ernest). Jean took up the life of a show girl in 1960’s Soho, meeting people like Stephen Ward and the Kray Twins. She fell in love with a man called Vidar L’Estrange who was fascinated by the occult and deviant sex. When she became pregnant Vidar insisted that their child be aborted. Jean took drastic measures in order to preserve the baby. Vidar attempted to control her actions with threats of magic, demons and ongoing curses and finally attempted to abort the child himself. Jean was determined to outwit him, and after a harrowing period of struggle, she finally left Vidar and their son was born shortly thereafter.

Vidar L’Estrange

Vidar L’Estrange (or Gebhard-L’Estrange to give him his full name), was born in 1928. His father’s family played an important role in the history of the Theosophical Society [1] and his mother was a great-grand-daughter of the Prussian alchemist and Rosicrucian Carl Adolf von Carlowitz [2]. In later life he translated a book by Alexandra David-Néel, the Belgian-French explorer, spiritualist, Buddhist, anarchist and writer [3].

In correspondence, Jean says that she thinks that Vidar had known Ernest for some years before she met him in the early sixties.

Other Friends

Through Ernest, Jean and Vidar met Vivian Godfrey (whom Jean knew as Vivien Godfrey-White). Vivian worked with Ernest in the Aurum Solis magical order [4], and later under the name Melita Denning she co-wrote a series of books about the order. Jean recalls that she and Vidar got to know Ernest and Vivian very well and that during the winter of 1963, Ernest stayed with them from time to time. Vivian, Vidar and Ernest had a number of interests in common – Metaphysics, Magic, Philosophy, Theology – and got along like a house on fire.

Later Jean saw Vivian more often without Vidar, and she describes in her book how, in her time of trouble with Vidar, she consulted Vivian about obtaining help from the Catholic Church, since Vivian had once been a nun. Vivian introduced Jean to an exorcist at Westminster Cathedral.

In the mid 1960s Vivian introduced Jean to Olivia Robertson, the author, artist, co-founder and high priestess of the Fellowship of Isis [5]. Jean liked Olivia very much, and saw a great deal of her when she was living in London during the winter each year. Jean has left a fond memorial on her blog here.


[1] See

[2] See the acknowledgement to Vidar L’Estrange on page 77 of Christopher McIntosh’s book “The Rosy Cross Unveiled” 
“I am indebted to von Carlowitz’s great-great grandson, Mr Vidar l’Estrange, for allowing me to inspect certain of his ancestor’s papers, among which is a key to the cipher he used in his diaries.”

[3] For more on Alexandra David-Néel see
The book Vidar translated was Tibetan Tale Of Love And Magic

[4] See the Ernest Page page 




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