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Ursula Greville

Ursula Greville (1898? – 1991) was a well known British soprano singer and editor of the Sackbut music magazine. She was also a close friend of Israel Regardie, and was associated with Anthony Greville-Gascoigne and The Brothers of The Path, … Continue reading

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Colin Couchman and Joe Wilson

Joseph Bearwalker Wilson (1942–2004) was a rather erratic but in some ways endearing figure in the witchcraft tradition, who founded the 1734 Tradition. Joe’s involvement started when he joined the US Air Force, and met another airman who gave him … Continue reading

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Review: Introduction to Witchcraft by Colin Couchman

This is a review of a correspondence course written by Colin Couchman in 1970. The original is in the British Library. Colin had been initiated as a Gardnerian witch in the early 1960s, but by 1970 he was working with … Continue reading

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